Sunday, 18 October 2009


Just finished reading a section from Hume for tomorrows class and it was mind blowing, genuinely one of the best extracts i've ever, ever read. Beautiful work
Hume basically says that you can never get a good sense of 'self' because you are are made up of lots of different perceptions about things, whenever you try and think about your 'self' you invariably connect it to a perception you have about what your self should be, or what you think it should be, not what you are.
In turn we assign values to things based on our perception & thoughts of other things, with every thing we understand coming from an endless succession of previous understandings of other things which we have taken information from and transposed onto said item to make sense of it.
Cause and Effect, Past onto Future etc
Which I completely agree with.

Over the past month i've had a weird sense of emptiness about something which I can't put my finger on, i've been trying to work out why people drink and it's arisen from that, what it is exactly that we're escaping?
Hume provided the perfect answer! which feels amazing albeit slightly melancholic because it's a depressing answer;
Basically, we drink because Hume has hit the nail on the head. If life is nothing but a series of endless successions of previous knowledge pushed onto new things to form new ideas then the world becomes a barren place with nothing entirely special to be learnt unless we really try. We drink because of the fear that we don't understand / maybe don't want to comprehend the routine in what we're doing. We're Trains running through the same Ghost Towns

here's my thoughts on how I could remedy this;

To first understand how life works and then what to do with it is the greatest challenge.
So we have in our grasp the knowledge that life is nothing but a succession of perceptions and endless association of past onto new. But we can't let that all too easily dwindle life away, no! quite the opposite.
To know that life can be seen as endless association is to further extend Sartres Nausea, further dig our own graves under a grey skylight.
Why bother when we can never get a good sense of life? or of ourselves?
especially in Stoke, the dead city
But is this not a marvellously double-edged sword of a gift!
Staying in one place would be suicide because of the mundanity we fear, so we HAVE to push ourselves away from these successions, away from these repetitions, not hide from them in inebriated bliss! It is our utmost duty to not be caught in the cycle.
To shout out loud and clear as Zarathustra did


but apologies if none of this makes any sense, it's late and i can't concentrate on typing!