Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Last night was the Sheffield league of the Thrash and Burn European tour, set up by Imperial Clothing. In all honesty I wasn't expecting much as I hadn't listened to the first 4 bands on, but I went there with an open mind and set up ready for anything.

We didn't get to see 'SUCCESS WILL WRITE APOCALYPSE ACROSS THE SKY' as we arrived late because we got pretty majorly lost along the way haha so I shall start with the next band up;

now my friend was really looking forward to seeing these but what got me about them is they played with the air of 'you should know who the fuck we are' and therefore expected everyone to move because of that, it's fucking stupid when bands do this because it just ends up intimidating the crowd when they inevitably shout "fucking move" or some other like minded phrase which sums up the disgust at the little crowd participation they are getting. You can't force a crowd into moving and it annoys me when bands try, if they don't want to move then just leave people alone! aside from that I have to go by my friends reception of the songs and it was 'meh' so we shall leave it at that.

were on next and the first thing I noticed about them is that they have an amazing stage presence and properly looked like they were out to enjoy themselves instead of putting on the macho 'lets do dissss' exterior that AGATG had. I didn't know any of their songs but by the end of the set when the bass player was crowd-surfing whilst playing with the rest of the band smiling gleefully onstage it was incredibly hard not to find a reason to get your head moving even in the slightest. The singer suits the part perfectly in my opinion as he was energetic and optimistic throughout even when the crowd got bad, also we met him beforehand and he was sorted, a really nice guy.

now these I was curious about seeing as the comparison to Suicide Silence has only ever let me listen to one song before turning it off in disgust haha. I was curious to see if they could top their counterparts in said band as I saw S.S in 2006 and it was literally the heaviest gig I can remember going to (although that was 3 years ago now so that statement may not still ring true). Live what I got from this band was a dose of mosh-by-numbers Deathcore which of course the crowd loved. Their merch which boldly stated 'DEATH FUCKING METAL' did nothing to rid themselves of this tag and only hoped to infuriate me as thy are nothing of the sort, I don't claim to be an expert on Death Metal but I listen to enough Hate Eternal to maybe warrant a guess that they seriously aren't it.

Straight off I'll say from this band onwards I was looking forward to the gig I love these guys, Dystopia is a brilliant record and the lead singers voice is as intense live as it is on record. The problem is though they are the closest to real Death Metal that this gig was going to get and when you have a room full of kids interested in jumping about and swinging our arms in a silly fashion then it does unfortunately tend to go over a lot of peoples heads, and this is what happened. Their stupidly intricate guitar riffs and unbelievably tight drummer added an insane technical level to the show but with only one guitarist it had the misfortune of sounding weak and not as punishing on the ears as their record delivers. But 'Lithium Overdose' provided the moshtastic moments and we all went away happy, even the other bands we managed to speak to said that they were most definately the best band on the tour which was good to hear.

I really wanted to see these but I was outside talking to SWATS who were all really nice, we had a conversation about how amazing Neurosis / Scott Kellys vocals are so when I eventually walked in on Bleeding Through there were only 2 songs left. I have to say though I found what I heard outstanding, their sound was so much bigger than Sheffield Corporation and it felt like it was trying to push out of the roof haha. They're all fascinating to watch aswell, from the new guitarist who used to be in IKTPQ to the sultry Marta on keyboards who made it seem like she was playing only for you and no-one else, to finally the hugggee lead singer who is bigger in real life than any pictures you will see (who also told the crowd the words to chants so he could maximise crowd enjoyment which I thought was cool). They finished with the magnificent 'Kill To Believe' and I went left with a smile on my face despite only catching two songs.

These were the main band I'd come to see, I love these guys they play pure Metalcore in the most melodic of senses and are responsible for one of the songs of my early teenage years. Now I won't go into much detail about the set as i can never remember what songs bands play but instead know they finished with that song 'With A Thousand Words To Say But one' :D and played a good mix of old and new. I loved it and moshed my heart out but yet again, for yet another good band I was the only one moving (others being Blacklisted, Killing The Dream & Architects) and it really makes you wonder what the hell has happened to kids?!!! I never see anyone show any enjoyment anymore!

All in all the gig was good, bands did what they were supposed to, BUT SERIOUSLY WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO KIDS.
This really really got to me.
This was a 14+ show but I felt like the oldest person there! everywhere I looked it was just all young teenagers! D:
The whole show must have attracted about 100 people if not less, wtf?
but it does lead me to the conclusion that the scene as I had thought, is dead & gone :D. This is a good thing.

BUT aside from that we did get to speak to S.W.A.T.S who were all really nice, I had to repeat some things a couple of times my non-accented voice was obviously too much lol. They weren't happy with how the gig had gone as I don't think any of the bands were that night but it was funny hearing them call Architects 'WEINER KIDS' and the mock cockney accent that came with the impression of them haha.

My attention span has unfortunately drifted from this review as it does with everything i do so i'll leave it there
stay classy blogspot, sorry for my waning brain.