Saturday, 9 May 2009

Fate full nights.

Today has been one big comedown. I went to bed at 12 and didn't wake up till 4 and even then I didn't want to get out of bed, my head felt like someone had thrown a brick at it.

The night was spent in Driffield with the boys, we started on two litres of Cider and telling tales of Punk Rock we liked whilst also reminiscing on all the very strange random adventures that we've had over the years. We're the type of people who will happily sleep on the streets and it has led to some weird nights out and many many wild miles walked under the guise of a fucked up circumstance that we've found ourselves in. We've ended up in hospitals at godawful times, slept rough in buses beneath the stars on several occasions, eaten loaves of bread we've found in bins, laughed like hyenas at parties in distant towns with people we'll never meet again & set fire to things in forests to just keep warm. Now I look back on my teenage years I couldn't be more proud of my nights out.

Last night we went to the pub reeling from £1.75 Cider and waited for the Ecstasy to kick in then promised each other things that will never be carried through, but that's what happens in drug induced conversation. If you could buy the world we would have given to each other in those instances.
then after the pub closed we ended up in 'Hooters 2' nightclub just across the road, now this place is fucking filthy and it's got a nasty reputation for cunts, slags, copious amounts of cocaine and expensive drinks but it's the only place open after 1am and if you want to carry on partying you have to go there unfortunately.
We drank and danced there until 3am at which point I got into an argument about something I can't remember with a girl i've known for years and it ended up with her headbutting me haha. Whilst trying to talk to her privately my friends went crazy and left so I ended up talking to this random guy called Alex who was sound as fuck and offered me a place at his house for the night, brilliant!
the problem with that was, come morning we both had no recollection of who the fuck each other was and when his mates came round it just made things awkward haha, here I was with a Down To Nothing t-shirt, tight jeans and holes in my ears surrounded by people wearing football shirts from teams I know nothing about as I really don't follow football. That was pretty funny.
Man I love being a kid. Here's to being young, adventurous and losing your debit card on drug-fuelled nights out.
Although one good thing to come out of this is I know Ecstasy is not for me, just another drug to be ticked off the list entitled 'not as exciting as people make out, won't do it again' haha.

Now if I could only remember what the hell the fit girl I was chatting up looked like for future reference :|.

The kids with good lives never had shit on us, we are the lovers & losers of the highest order. We will never stop