Monday, 29 December 2008

A sense of purpose + Chimps riding segways

Today I am happy, it's been a relatively normal day but i'm happy nonetheless.
After nigh on 10 years I finally feel like i've found out who the fuck i'm supposed to be, it's brilliant. And it's only gonna get better over these next few months when I actually start to see results from my frankly over-use of the weight bench & start my tattoo's :D.

that's all really, but i'm fucking stoked nonetheless.

Anyway, aside from that today I found a user on youtube called 'ParryGripp' who finds other funny videos and makes comedy songs over the top of them.
Here for your aural pleasure are two of the best, childish but hilarious.

That ocean sound is the useful yet annoying Architects player a few posts down btw.

Soccer Ball (In The Face)

Chimpanzee Riding A Segway

I love the crap that youtube spawns sometimes.