Saturday, 27 December 2008

Two New MCR songs

yeaaaa that's right!
I like them, fuck off haha.

comeon, even if you hate them you'll watch these anyway out of pure curiosity you know you will.

recorded from live concerts


The World Is Ugly

Seems they've gone back to their roots which is good, as Black Parade was good for what it was but it wasn't MCR in my view.
Have fun hating. I expect many a 'fail' response to this haha.

on lighter news I'm still compiling a best of 2008 list, it's taking up my time as of late as i can't for the life of me remember who released what in 2008.
If you've got any recommendations then please feel free to share them, I'll try and have it up by the end of 2008 otherwise it seems pretty pointless lol

I'm off to go drink Hot Chocolate to cure my aching sinuses, fucking cold *curses*

And it seems people do actually read this blog! so thanks :D!