Thursday, 6 January 2011

so it's 2011! and here's my New Years Resolutions which i will stick to!

- No internet Tuesday and Thursday
- No internet before 6pm on Saturday or 8pm Sunday 
- Food Diary as I need to watch what I eat in order to gain weight.
- new Gym routine, starting from scratch to make sure everything in my body is set up right.
- More commitment to work and not leaving things 'til the last minute. 

I will leave this University with a first if it kills me!

In other news;

Gym progress:
3x10 of 30KG Dumbbell presses ^-^
up from 4x9 of 27.5 at november :).
Smith machine squat is up to 100kg! which i'm proud of saying I only realised the benefits of them this September. So thats about 30kg in around 3 or so months. 

ignoring diet and routine for the past 2 years is really something i shouldn't of done haha,