Monday, 27 December 2010


Samuel Beckett looking at a small fish through a magnifying glass
"such is life"

I'm at home for christmas, as you might of guessed, thus the lack of posts
despite the ever ongoing trauma of it, i enjoy being at home
i live in the middle of nowhere with phone signal only at one place in my house - at the top of the stairs - and absolutely no internet, due to my parents being horribly poor technophobes.
All i have is Tv and a mountain of beautiful, beautiful books

It's brilliantly quiet and peaceful
i spend the days doing uni work, furthering my knowledge of nutrition whilst learning about biology to compliment it and reading books i love :). 

i'd like to live by myself one day, i have this idea that i would have a very minimalistic type house with only a futon, book shelves and place to keep my clothes to make up my bedroom.
i can let my passion for knowledge flourish at home which is probably the reason i love it so much, i don't have to concern myself with anything aside from reading, making notes, weight training on a night time and thinking. 
it's a beautiful existence i feel and one i wish to continue. 

Christmas was mediocre, i've started to turn against it recently
i fully agree with the idea that it's about family and a time to appreciate what you have, but it seems that has become buried under whether you actually appreciate the gift youve been given or not.
we have come to love grandma in line with how much grandma has spent on us. 
i hate watching people open presents and knowing they're weighing up how applicable that gift is to their life, it's a natural reaction, but not a nice one nonetheless. 
sometimes it feels we do it out of necessity, rather than enjoyment.