Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Whilst i'm at my Dads for the night I may aswell provide those who care with an update:

- Ieper was; fucking brilliant / sleeping in a corn field on the first night, like something out of jeepers creepers, getting attacked by a rat / the Hull lot being the most mental people i've met e.g Dieter getting up onstage after Madball (the HEADLINERS on the Saturday) had just finished and shouting down the microphone in the gayest voice possible before they'd even got all the way off stage "MADBALL!....YYEAAAA!" then hopping off like nothing had happened / EUROMOSH! Europeans can't mosh. period. neither do they understand when a band shout "SIDE TO SIDE" meaning open up the place so people can mosh, rather they choose to just stand in the same place and let the rather overly-violent-and-coincidentally-all-english-people open it up by literally hitting people in the face until they move. brilliant really / 7 Seconds playing in the pouring rain, people going mental to it, fuck yea /Stage dives with inflatables make everything so much more fun / stage dives where no-one catches you are not so fun / again, the Hull lot, this time taking off all their clothes to party semi-naked and overtly gayly to cheesy 90's pop songs whilst europeans gaze on in wonder, seriously you cannot actually take english people anywhere. Hilarious / early morning 2-step to great bands, handstands in the straw / a re-ignition of the 100 years war with french people / 800 mile round drives in an old 306 / breaking down an hour from Home at 3am / Calais being full of bastards / Buying more Books than band merch.

- Leeds fest sucked.
Hatebreed and Sick of It All were fantastic, This Is Hell are assholes, not drinking at a festival is weird. Women are the bane of my existence.

- A re-acquaitance with my love of 'Punk Ethics' that meant so much to me 2 years ago.
my old hatred for capitalism, consumerism, alcohol, drugs, everything coming back with a vengeance, this time i feel it's more deep rooted and mature so i'm hoping it will last longer.

- Strength Gains - 24kg dumbbell press, absolute win.

- Up coming 'zine!
i'm taking notes on my notes haha, to refine my writing down to the important parts to be entered so that it won't be shit.

- Wanting to get back to Uni so i can get on with making something of myself, i'll be 21 by the time i get back and my attitude towards a lot of things has changed over the summer, some for better some for worse. Time to stop fucking about, theres work to be done if i want to be a Philosophy Lecturer.