Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Never Fade

there is not enough time in life to let the light out
to let the colours fade into the background
there is no excuse for keeping the shutters closed, for keeping the eyes shut
you must say everything at once
and none of it ever again
my eyes hurt with tiredness but im keeping myself awake, im forcing words from broken hymns and i'm singing to be saved
i'm dying to be acknowledged but i'm running away from grace
this is no choice in life to make
other than the one that leads you furthest from the grave
we all must run and never stop until we reach the cliff
we must shout sweet into the pulpit
and gaze long into the abyss
i've never known any of you
and i'm sure i never will
for each is one and one for all
atop this busy ant hill
i'm sure of slipping from the edge
i'm sure of letting go
but run, run my sons
from the darkness that moves while you sleep
run long into the woods and trees
and remember you are free.

it fell out of me