Thursday, 25 March 2010


Just got my first essay questions for Philosophy Life and Existence
oh lawdy lawd haha.



Write two essays, each of approximately 1250 words, one from section A and one from section B.

Section A

Is there a crisis of meaning in the contemporary world? Support your argument with reference to at least one contemporary phenomenon and at least two philosophers that we have discussed in the course.

It has been suggested that we would be better off to ignore any attempt to answer the question ‘what is man?’ written before 1859. Critically discuss this claim in relation to the meaning of human life and human values.

Historically situate Montaigne’s scepticism and the emergence of early humanism.

Does science lead to certain knowledge? Explore this question with reference to at least two philosophers of science discussed in this course.

Section B

Why does Schopenhauer argue that suffering is necessarily inherent in life? To what extent do you agree?

What is Nietzsche’s complaint against the Christian tradition of morality? Is he correct in his diagnosis, and what does he propose as a cure?

Evaluate the view that life is absurd by contrasting the views of Camus and Nagel.

Critically discuss the moral implications of Sartre’s claim that ‘existence precedes essence’.

bblllargggghhhhhhh haha.
wish me luck.