Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Here's a picture of a Cat with a Rubix Cube.
I'm pretty sure that's fucking hilarious.
I mean look, look at the quizzical expression on its face, it has no idea what the fuck it's doing!
ahaha ♥

other -

Dear you,
I think i'm beginning to feel normal, you are starting to take a backseat in my mind, it hurts a hell of a lot to do so but I can feel the distance growing. The scarily all-encompassing love I feel will be put away in a little box and hidden in my mind, until I see fit for it to be resurfaced because I am sure, more than anything, that it will be. I am beginning to realise you don't care about me in that way anymore, and it is wrong for me to punish you for it. Weirdly, the fact that you don't even read this Blog no matter how many times I have pushed it onto you just embeds it in my mind in an all too concrete a fashion that you just aren't there anymore.

Today I felt completely disconnected from something I once loved; alcohol.
It was a very weird sensation one which I never imagined i'd feel, I looked at someone who was talking about how they were going to go out and get wasted and it was like watching someone talk a completely different language, I felt no common ground with it or understanding of it whatsoever.
Going home really shook Straight Edge up in me and left me wondering if I was not forsaking possible experiences, but tonight really just seemed to concrete it.
Plus i'm very much enjoying having to fully experience everything, it's permeated every single aspect of my personality, everything feels fuller and more interesting, there have been times when I have just stopped and tried to feel everything that is going on around me from the wind in my face to the very blood flowing through my veins
because I am here
it is now
and there is absolutely nothing else.

I am currently looking up lyrics for a tattoo,
I want a singular Rose on my right wrist with lyrics around it, I want it to fully represent inner strength, I want it to be an icon with which I can look at and laugh at life at whatever life throws at me knowing full well I can get over it.
I'm thinking Another Breath or Have Heart lyrics, or some line from Thus Spoke Zarathustra.
if you have any suggestions please send them my way, they will be very much appreciated, the rose is just a left over idea from when I first thought up having two roses on my wrists years ago so if you have something which you think would suit the idea better then please tell me as i'm stumped.

in Uni news;
got my Philosophy module for this Semester, first up is Plato's Theaetetus
I'm fucking stoked on getting back into a thinking mood as the Christmas period has led to severe mind stagnation.