Friday, 22 January 2010

Right Away! Great Captain - The Eventually Home

14 was the humble age at which I first found the magical Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes fame, I can't remember how I stumbled across him but he soon enveloped my life completely and his all too heartfelt songs cradled me as I wept myself to sleep amongst awkward adolescence. Luckily, I've grown out of that
But those were the days ayy?
I haven't listened to Conor in any serious way in about 2 years, he has his life, I have mine, we meet from time to time but are no longer the friends we used to be. Kind of unfortunate really but there we go.

My new love for Right Away! Great Captain has brought about these recollections as the Musician has been compared to him and rightly so it seems.
If you are any kind of fan of Bright Eyes then I am sure you will cherish the softly sung stories of the lead singer of Manchester Orchestra and his side project.
The songs on 'The Eventually Home' are wonderful, at times you feel like he is whispering in your ear. But within the album lies enough catchy melodies to keep you entertained between the soul searching (see 'Oh No, I Tried')
He manages to find a good middle ground with heart warming chorus's and down-tempo-hardly-strummed-at-all catchy verses matched particularly well together (see 'Devil Dressed In Blue').
The vocals melodies are entrancing at all times, perfectly rhymed and easy to listen to, they add a freshness to the sober music.
A favourite of mine on this album is 'Father Brian Finn' which sees him swapping the acoustic for an echo-y electric and displaying a perfect example of what I find most interesting about the album, the fact that there is a genuine passion buried beneath the whispered lyrics. It explodes through the music for a few seconds at a time before settling back into itself, but when those few seconds come it is an exhilaratingly goose-bumpy moment.

This is music for those quiet days when the rain has stopped, the clouds remain but the room you're in is calmly warm.
Just like today.

Oh also, just to add
the record is a concept album about a 17th century sailor who goes mad on a journey around the world.
now go make a cup of tea and get that book you've been meaning to read out.

Right Away! Great Captain - The Eventually Home

for fans of;
Conor Oberst, Daisy-era Brand New.



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