Saturday, 5 December 2009

What the fuck happened to Wes Eisold?

Jesus christ, this is weirdly amazing

the ever flickering-between-genres genius Wes Eisold is now recieving rave reviews for his new project 'Cold Cave' and their new LP 'Love Comes Close'

"Odd-Pop Masterpiece" NME
"The dark side of synth" GUARDIAN
"One of the best pop albums of the year" FACT

now what is weird about this is the fact that he used to be in a very famous (and possibly my all-time favourite hardcore band) Give Up The Ghost

Here he is now:

And then:

Give Up The Ghost, for those that don't know were THE biggest thing in hardcore a few years back, infact them & Wes Eisolds brilliantly eloquent lyrics still remain the benchmark for melodic hardcore bands to this day. We can evidence this in the fact that when current UKHC stars Dead Swans released their first E.P cassette and put the lyrics up on a Myspace Blog many comments (and to be honest, wrongly so in my opinion) compared them to GUTG. Another exact example of this would be 'Last Lights' whose front man received the same praise for his well worded songs of heartbreak in the modern world (but this, I would agree with) before he sadly passed away last year.

Funny how people change really.


Josh Turner said...

i wrote a massive thing on how oddly he's evolved from one band to another, seriously fucking brilliant!