Saturday, 5 December 2009


Swallowed X Up are a Hardcore Band from Brooklyn, New York.
They're incredible.
They combine the fast ferocity and temprement of bands such as Cursed, Throats & Rot In Hell with the always popular Youthful exuberant depression of bands like Dead Swans / More Than Life but with better written lyrics, the first track on their 'This is, and goddamn is it' E.P 'Inadequate Apology' presenting these lines
When we fall we fall,
Goddamn my unthinking, ungainly tongue,
Goddamn my unthinking, ungainly self.
I offer only two words,
Laden with all in my chest,

I'm sorry

Which I might add fit like a glove with the song structure.

They sound like old In Remembrance / The Carrier but a little less refined and a lot sludgier.

Please check them out,
I literally haven't stopped listening since I found them.
New favourite band I THINK SO.

you can download that lovely e.p which I will be reviewing soon, here;

there is a link in that post.


On my way back to where I live,
Home is a place that I've long left,
Home is a concept I've long forgotten,
Watching the sky through the bus window,
The sun sets on the city,
let's hope this time it's forever



Josh Turner said...

downloading this NOW on the premise of how well you've bigged them up, psyched to play it