Wednesday, 16 December 2009

In Remembrance - God Willing

Sometimes it feels I'm at a stand still.
With my maker on one side and life on the other.
But both are just out of reach i've misplaced my faith.
Fooling myself to believe in something I could never see.

So bless the youth that still have time to change before they sink into sins.
Forgive or forget.
That weight will not hang down from this neck.
I've given all I can to false prophets and robe clad men, kneeling to what's never been.
No Bread, no Wine.
Those grey stone walls they close me in, my colored thoughts like stained glass sin.
In contempt of my fellow man.
You made your path now i'll make mine.

I hold light to the dark that consumes my way, I know not of what i've done.

My Demons stay close so not to let me stray, it's been so long since I last spoke to God, I don't think he remembers me.
I'm lost, because my rhythm is off beat with my step, and my hands just can't hold still.
A broken heart but just not the same as the one's you've read about.
My disregard for life keeps me at peace.

To put it all aside and let it go with the tides.