Saturday, 24 October 2009

American Nausea.

Tonight I watched American Psycho....again.

My take on it is I think it's Sartres Nausea taken to a different level.
The constant cases of mistaken identity of Patrick for someone else, the overwhelming mundanity of the people he is friends with & the never ending routine he is stuck in all come together to symbolise the rut of life he inhabits.
He kills to escape because he is actually a very compassionate creature wanting more from life (as is shown by the Whitney Houston scene) than the endless cycle he knows.
But by the end he comes to the horrifying realisation he can't escape (as is shown on the very last scene by the DIRECT reference to a play by Sartre called 'No Exit' in the door panel behind Bateman which reads 'This Is Not An Exit')

Whereas you can take the Nausea to make your life better, Bateman gets stuck in it.

I'll type this up better tomorrow.