Sunday, 2 August 2009

Our Youth was wasted last night.

Me (right) with my friends Harriet & Gary!

Another night out with friends and I felt myself more alienated with drinking than is normal.
I have to be in a very very certain mood for nightclubs, you just get the complete wrong kind of people there. Any personality you have / are proud of comes to shuddering halt at the door and all that seems to matter from there on in is what you look like.
Just get drunk and hound your prospective fuck interest until she gives in (as in I literally watched about 5 men physically circle 3 women and 'direct' them towards the bar).
I mean don't get me wrong everyone looks absolutely stunning and it's wonderful to look at all these beautiful people strutting around putting on an amazing facade of animalistic confidence but when one gender is necking Stella determined to think that the name raises it above being the shittest thing you'll find this side of special brew, and the other are wearing clothes which are competing with their belts for least skin coverage it just seems to become the kind of place where anything actually meaningful has well and truly died, and a horrible death at that.

I think it may be because despite enjoying the music, I've grown up listening to Metal & will automatically feel out of sync in places like that, as I struggle to attempt to badly white boy dance and contemplate how fish-out-of-water-ish I feel until they put something even RESEMBLING Metal on. Although I doubt the possibility of Trap Them coming on being high, so as I wait for that day as soon as Led Zepplin blurts out I'm away!

Hello, my names Ben and It appears I really don't know fun is anymore?
ahh fuck it
i'm going back to Nietzsche, he understands! haha

I'll stop being so old soon, I can enjoy nightclubs as I enjoy how happy everyone is. Just my God, put flashing lights and a Basshunter CD in a Pig Sty and the fuckers would come.
As Sage Francis said "you don't need a hook for the worms to dance"

in the mean time check out Daniel Kitson
he's like me, but funnier and wins awards for it.
seriously, do it now & subscribe to his podcasts.



Anonymous said...

If it's any help I feel the same way.

It seems there is nothing we can do.