Thursday, 30 July 2009


Now I was blesed enough to be able to go to this, excited is an understatement.
There's a lot of un-necessary hate towards Have Heart, to me they've become the Bring Me The Horizon of the hardcore scene (well, with obviously a lot more talent) as in a lot of people hate them just because it's cool to without ever giving them a real chance.

Rot In Hell were first on the bill and whilst I didn't know any of their songs off by heart I did know I liked them, I'm really really into that kind Cursed-esque, crust punkish dirty sound they have going on.
They came on stage with an air of arrogance and confusion which was good to see, they knew they were men among kids but got on with the job.
Their live presence wasn't one of extreme energy but it was still good, they fully deserve their latest Deathwish signing in my opinion. Go see them.
On another note, they had their new CD with them which the Artwork for was done by an artist i've been following for a year or so now called 'Give Up' you can find him at
i love his work, very bleak, expect to see more of his stuff around this year, slowly gaining popularity.
I wish I could remember more about them but one thing that did annoy me with them was the hatred the lead singer had towards the audience, I really don't get why bands do it? if you pretend you hate us why the fuck should we listen to you?
I didn't pay money to be abused.
Audience reaction - good considering they're up and coming.

Shipwreck A.D were next
now i've been waiting to see these for a long, long time as I keep missing them when they come over but I have to say they disappointed me.
They played all the right songs, but it seemed however hard they tried they couldn't replicate that monolithic sound that makes the latest record so stunningly good, they just sounded like mildly-progressive hardcore band
The magnificent double-pedal bit in the intro to Squall was completely lost, now I'm hoping this loss of grandeur was just the technicians fault not the band as that would be an awful shame.
I did enjoy the singers 5 minute little speech though before one of their songs condemning the guy he was and how he used to take advantage of girls because he was in a band, and condemning anyone else who did the same (at which point the whole crowd seemed to turn to a one Aimee Scarrah from Hull who likes to sleep with band members i.e Verse which is rumoured to be a reason why they broke up lol?).
It's good when bands actually try and prove they have a message and their is actually some substance to them.
Audience Reaction - Poor considering it's fucking Shipwreck A.D!

NOW here we go
Rise & Fall
I have never listened to these before but always been recommended them so went into these with a completely open mind.
From the moment they struck the first notes to the intro I was impressed, the first track was very very 'They Know Not' by Hope Con-ish which is a good thing, maybe it reeked a bit too much of said track but atleast they're trying.
For the first time that night aswell the lights in the venue actually came into play, which only helped to illuminate the band in the most Neurosis of fashions when they continued to play their new songs which were filled with doom / sludge elements, it was completely hypnotising at the best of times.
I can honestly say I was standing in awe for their whole set, just at how good they were.
The singers voice is fucking terrifying live, it's low and gravelly and projected throughout the whole room, especially when he shouted "THERE'S NO PEACE IN THIS PART OF TOWN, THERE'S NO SOLACE WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT"
gahhh sent shivers through my spine that did.
You can see the influence Jacob Bannon has had on the lead singer, there was a lot of conducting-the-crowd type movements which Jacob Bannon does by him, it was good to see such an influence in other people aside from myself haha.
overall, a fucking brilliant band who's new release I now cannot wait for
don't know why i've slept on them for so long! I am utterly converted.
Audience Reaction = fucking silly, useless crowd it seems especially as I remember saying "This is going to explode" beforehand. Aside from my good friend Josh who went mental haha, props to him for getting his anger out by continually saying "YAZ IS A BITCH" in his head whilst clenching his teeth as he later told me :).

So, here we go
the legendary Have Heart.
Now straight off i'll say I love this band so either way this was going to be memorable
and it really really was.
At the beginning of the gig I was suprised how little people were there, considering this was going to be their last ever tour but more seemed to magically appear when they took to the stage haha, it got the point where you couldn't actually move it was that packed, right the way to the back.
Unfortunately it turns out they'd all eaten some bad Kebabs and felt like complete shit but atleast they played, apparently the next day Pay Flynn was coughing up blood D:
The songs didn't sound brilliant live as the technician in that place was quite obviously deaf but it was still an honor to see them.
just being there watching so many people sing along to the words was a magical experience, they played (of what I can remember):
Life is hard enough
About Face
Brotherly Love
Of The Bird In The Cage
Armed With A Mind
The Machinist
Written In Stone
Watch Me Rise
The Same Son

I was standing on a table just watching the crowd and shouting along, I loved it.
I enjoyed watching the girl who was RIGHT at the front aswell, she wasn't dressed up to the nines in any fancy scene gear as half the other girls were, she was just in plain black and stayed right at the front for the whole set screaming into the mic when she got the chance.

When the set finished I just stood back, said to my friend Stu "take it in, this will never happen again" and just watched for a while
fantastic night :)

I know this a very thrown together review but it's late, and I have far too much energy to concentrate.