Saturday, 27 June 2009

Subtle Optimism in Failure

We're done
crashing back down to reality from our seated heavens
letting the fires of everyday existence come washing over us
we aren't Angels anymore
maybe we never were
maybe young love may be left behind us
and now living forever is just another long gone pipe-bomb dream that's so much easier defused in the rivers of normal time where we bathe
our best phase is now just "remember the days" in every rotted way
our time has run out
our castles are left unbuilt

and weirdly after 2 years of that
and 5 years of the other
I'm perfectly fine.

I will never be fine.

Lamenting the Death of a pessimistic self and all the lovehearts entwined within.
whilst looking forward to September and a new life started.

sorry for the lack of updates kiddos
my internet decides when it wants to work nowadays