Sunday, 4 January 2009

Updates & Lyrics

I hope you all get rid of your with demons and make 2009 the best year of your life.
I am planning to, I love new starts & the chance for the continual self-improvement.
Plus I can't wait for university! <3

I've been out recently, living it up and ruining my liver haha.

band practice last friday threw up some interesting lyrics, for a while now i've been tyring to bring together my feelings on a couple of things like fucked up young love, loss, regret, cut-off points, other cliched nonsense, what ghosts think (spurred on by a starting of 'Gormenghast'), death metal, "None of us die alone, we all die with what we've done", can earthly happiness be all there is? (spurred on by Andre Gides 'Strait Is The Gate' & metaphors into a song haha.
I've only got a few lines but i'm actually pretty happy with them:

The carnal lust of lonely ghosts on loves hallways
Begging for blood in the secrets you keep
Longing for the warmth in the air you breath
And the thoughts of those organs,
now nailed to the trees

the basic gist of it to do with ghosts wandering around remembering life and how they messed up their goes on love & remembering what it was like. Wanting only to lose the thoughts of loss. Trying to find a resolution if you will.

more soon.