Sunday, 29 May 2011


so, now that the last essay of the year is out of the way and i've officially finished my second year of University i can get back to doing all the things i enjoy without the nauseating knowledge of deadlines and the such.

I'm not a lazy person in the slightest, if anything i'd say i was waging a constant war against laziness.
so with that in mind i've got my challenges ready for the next month as I enjoy setting myself things to do and complete as afterwards i can be like "look at all the cool shit i've done" and consequently feel more than awesome about life.

For June

-Read Platos Republic.
My Philosophy course, however much i love it, isn't the greatest course out there but it's the only one in the country that is a joint honours with Art. I don't find it taxing in the slightest really, the reading is mammoth but that's about it.
So as I love Philosophy i'm going to set myself the challenge of finding a list of great ancient Philosophy books and reading them as i really should know them.

- Draw every day
I've already started this as i've missed drawing anything to my hearts content but i'm going to make myself draw everyday.
Practicing fonts and a more illustrative style which is applicable to Graff and Design.

- Write a song every day
This is going to be the hard one, but i usually write half songs / riffs every time i pick up the guitar so it shouldn't be too hard, i just have to focus my fleeting attention span which gets the better of me from day to day.