Sunday, 10 April 2011



This album left me breathless, one of the most perfectly crafted collections of music i have heard in a long time.
This song in particular.

I haven't written a personal post in a while, so for those of you with hungry eyes towards my heart
this ones for you.

I took the big step of having my first councilling session this week, and I feel changed
I feel clean, i don't feel angry anymore, I feel better.
The business with my father had left me without energy towards anything, I can now mention him without wanting to throw myself into the path of a train.
The realisation and acceptance that I do indeed have quite a few problems due the way I have grown up, and that they are undoubtedly going to affect my behaviour in parts was the catalyst.
The very moment I let myself accept that instead of blindly denying it, It all fell away.
There is something inside me that wants to be normal, now you could rightly argue that there is obviously no such thing as 'normal' as it is entirely down to personal opinion.
I don't want problems anymore, I've grown bored of the wolves, i'm tired of feeling muddied and down.
I've spent the majority of my life being heavily 'alternative' but something is leading me away from there
and i'm actually happy about it.



Josh Turner said...

This is amazing dude, I fucking love this. Thank you x