Tuesday, 5 April 2011


I have a god awful amount of footage from my younger days kicking around at home and at some point in time i must've made some videos and forgotten how to spell the 'compilation' (as i spell it complimation on the channel)
These are on my youtube channel, along with some other terrible, terrible things.

All filmed by me, between the ages of 13-16? god knows
featuring the kids I used to skate with....and Bod, who's about 40.
i have about 4 tricks in both videos, the first trick in the "driff it up" (Heelflip Nose slide), switch flip stuff on the bank in Hull Sessions and a Nollie 180 over a drain in that same video.
yea, apparently i could Switch Heelflip? at some point in time, who knew.

Plus, you can see my younger emo self prancing about like a twat and trying to do a handstand
fuck yea right?

ahh, memories...