Wednesday, 6 April 2011


This is a current Last Witness t-shirt design.
See now i'm not quite sure what i think of it,
Hardcore is obviously adopting a lot of streetwear styles at the moment, with BWP & Your Demise being prime examples merch wise
But I want hardcore to stand for something and not just buy into pop-culture as a reference for merch designs
What the fuck happened to the reaction inherent in the genre?
This displays none of it.
kids will buy this and kids will love this but why not slightly re-appropriate it into a statement that means something.
Even the overly expensive Your Demise Justin Bieber t-shirt with the target over his face, despite the fact it was terrible, still had something original about it.

This could've been a good design if it went into the infinite avenues that arise out of pop-culture subversion.

Last Witness are a band that deserve your attention no doubt, but someone please give them advice on merch?