Saturday, 26 February 2011


Saw Your Demise out of pure curiosity last night and they managed to thoroughly run my prejudices about them into the ground.
The Kids We Used to be marks an obvious departure from the previous works, but forges its own unique brand of Sinking Ships style hardcore with a tasty amount of meat behind it to allow the heavy edge to not be drowned out by the melody and become weak. A perfect mix of breakdown and emotion.

aside from this
i'm currently running over some thought patterns about the current state of hardcore with an insight to start writing some cultural theories on it, after a 5 hour discussion between me and friend which covered every aspect the past 5 years musical progression we've witnessed. Fashion wise especially Hardcore in particular has gained not only half a conscience, but one large enough to engulf the scene in some invisible rules regarding what you are wearing and how this relates to how you are perceived within the 'scene'. These invisible rules which not only cover fashion but status make hardcore an incredibly intriguing genre.

i'm excited.