Tuesday, 25 January 2011


The multitudes of human personality and movement,
glittering gold as bright as the sun.
It makes me smile when people laugh, playing like children, thoughtless and free.
We grow up and forget the sandcastles, we grow up and become temp employees in jobs that aren't worth the money they exchange our personality for
we grow up and forget ourselves, but the great shaking laughter still resides in the soul
in the minds of what we wanted to be
our eyes filled with the wonder that follows a first kiss with someone whom you could run through wars with and know their grip on your hand will not falter.

Let me stay alive so that i may know moments forever, let the smiles never fade and the laughter become dull. Let me stay alive so the seconds that run by all too quickly slow and last for eternities.

Life is a brilliant, fleeting moment, on a normal day
that is stretched out for years and then suddenly eclipsed
like the peaceful shutting of an eye for sleep.