Sunday, 12 December 2010


Dear Readers 
I haven't done a personal blog post in a while so here's one. 
although, if you really don't care about Gym progress, I would skip to number 2.

Life is going well.

Gym progress is going good, my shoulders and arms which are the main weak points in terms of proportion are getting there!
It's been good to know both body parts aren't as hard to train as i have always thought they were.
It just takes more effort on my part haha 

If i continue on the rate which I am at the moment, I should hopefully be shoulder pressing  4 sets of 4-6 reps of 25kg Dumbbells by the end of January. 
And hopefully around 4 sets of 12 of 40kg Barbell curls
But this is entirely dependant on how strong my lower back gets/stays, as I have a long lower back which I have found to really hinder progress to my upper body if it's allowed to get weaker than anything else. 
But at the moment, it's good! so here's hoping it stays that way. 
Dumbbell chest press is still a decent 4x9 of 27.5 which I'm still extremely happy about
there have been several attempts to hoist 30kg but they haven't exactly gone as planned haha.
By the end of January though, that should have been started. 

Artwork is continuing in an expressive motion
Large scale murals to music have been my main focus
but I have learnt it's time I contextualised my work so it's less everywhere and more contained / applicable to a gallery space and the modern art world
ideas need refining. 
My age old love for Graffiti has gone back around with my large Murals
reason being I find there's a certain smooth essence and style to it all which I have found I feel when painting 

I have been teaching myself about Postmodernism, Walter Benjamin and Freud
all which I am enjoying immensely. 

Philosophy has lead my knowledge to jump in leaps and bounds
My truth module, although leading me to realise I have a huge love/hate reletionship with Heidegger has been one which I have felt I have learnt a lot from.
Leading me to further explore my ideas on the world and what I think of certain things
The reading on Postmodernism has fitted in extremely well with this module. 

I'm excited for Christmas...

haha ^-^

yours faithfully,