Friday, 12 November 2010

Artist Statement.

There came a point in time a while ago, where I grew sick of the world and everything inside it. My bitterness held a grip and I walked amongst the days under darkened skies with watery eyes, trying to forget everything I’d ever learned with every step, assured that it was a lie.

But I learned to turn the despair inside out, and use it in a positive way. Inverse your demons and purge yourself for the sake of existence. My practice was war, and to this day still is, a continual fight against all I’m running from and an endless search for what I’m trying to find. A circular experiment in pyschoanaylsis, digging a grave with fierce expression in the hope of release.

I cannot pin down a particular medium I stick to, for they all help.
Whatever the day brings I will find the outlet.

My paintings at the moment concentrate on trying to experience painting without the limits of thought, a surrealist tendancy I have had my head buried in for a long time. Jack Kerouac, Henry Miller, Andre Breton and Arthur Schopenhauer have guided me through this with words of unbound eloquence and poetry. I put on Music, in particular Hardcore Punk, of which my love for will never cease, pull the wool over my eyes and launch myself at a canvas until I am left bloodied and free from life. Aslong as I am honest with Artwork, I hope that Art will be honest with me.

My photographs are often dark in essence, subjects have been anthropomorphic Animals carrying Hammers symbolizing the violent animalistic side to us all whilst tying together Nietzsche’s idea of The Will To Power and Sartres Nausea. Others have highlighted the deteriorating state of my parents health - both with incurable conditions – with Nancy Goldin-esque snapshots.

I have forayed with tentative steps into sculpture recently, creation should hold no boundries and I don’t intend for mine to. Ben Woolfs rickety pieces present ever new ideas to my eager head. I wish to create large pieces, I do not intend for them to be overly conceptual, I just wish to build and build and build until I am satisfied, letting that immediate moment of realization that it may be finished serve as the end point. A jerking of energy upon itself to halt, providing the meaning of the piece. We shall see how it goes.

I’m trying to make good the promise my mother put in her womb, the promise that her child would use life to the best of its ability.
That they would look up at the Sun and know that it shone for them.

Art is life. Art ist krieg. Art is release

“I need to suffer” – Another Breath.

Ben Evans.