Sunday, 14 November 2010

Abraham Cruzvillegas.

Abraham Cruzvillegas at Chantal Crousel

This project focuses on an in-between, liminal or interstitial space. It mostly involves speaking of a difference and the difficulty of describing it. It’s the result of Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas’ subjective take on Paris, where he lived for three and a half years. For him, this experience is “something definitively unfinished, something cthat is building itself forever: fragmentary, contradictory, weak, unstable, dark, transparent, warm, stupid, delirious, chaotic, crippled. It’s movement and life, it’s love, it’s sex, it’s me.”

Life as a cycle, unfinished, undetermined, always altering.
A continual flow, a break in the river, the crack in the road
Building sculptures atop spires on bricks on top of buildings, forever.