Wednesday, 22 September 2010


"Here’s a crazy fact: 2,629 take-out meals are consumed in the U.S. every second (producing enough take-out waste to cover half of a football field!) “Take-Less” is an eco-art installation made out of plastic take-out food containers designed by graphic design group MSLK in New York City.

None of the plastic waste from take-out containers is currently being recycled and only a few options are biodegradable. MSLK has created an eco-art installation that depicts the number “2629” out of plastic take-out containers to demonstrate the number of take-out meals consumed in this country each second. “Take Less” visually displays the ramifications of waste and calls attention to the realities that plastic is polluting our oceans, filling our landfills, and compromising our health.

“Take-less” will be displayed at a limited engagement as part of the DUMBO Art Festival in Brooklyn, NY this weekend, September 24th-25th."