Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Great Roar/d

I feel an urge I can't ignore, like a magnet dragging me towards an unknown destination
I feel the coldness of space in every pore and cell wall
I hear the hum of conception and birth, life and adaptation, death and dissolution

I feel I am not myself, I feel like I have become something else
I have become colossus! treading far above the mountains
twitching with the great roar that reverberates from my heart strings, that bellows from the beginnings in the depths of long roads home and dark street corners on indestructable nights in broken down towns

"dissonance in Human form, what is man but that" - Nietzsche.

picture is The Colossus by Goya


Sam said...

O.o I know this painting, I looked at it and took it on board with some sense of wandering analysis and research a while back.
Be the Colossus