Friday, 11 June 2010


Former Black Flag / Rollins Band frontman and all around most-badass-person-ever Henry Rollins with his Spoken Word performance from Dublin Ireland in January of this year.

telling tales of his world travels, his views on censorship
and other thought provoking & breathtaking-in-there-hilarity encounters.

It's so fucking inspirational to see that even at his age when most people are attempting to battle mid-life crisis' by growing out their remaining hair and buying motorbikes he still looks at the world with such a fervent curiosity and passion

the energy in his speech is completely infectious and endearing
if only we all viewed the world with this much energy and excitement.

fuck yea this dude is awesome.



LOVELL said...

Fuck yeah Ben! I hope you've seen the older one where he is talking about the time he comes home to find a burglar! What a man ;)