Friday, 7 May 2010

Happy Days

After a painful period of a couple of months complete stagnation
I am now fully re-acquainted with whats going on in UK Hardcore
this makes me very, very happy.
I've sorted out venues that are close, Promotions companies, Bands tour dates, train times, budgeting, the lot.
a mammoth effort on my part i'm pleased to say to fully immerse my self in the current situation of UKHC, that i'd unfortunately lost track of due to Uni Work / not really being a computer enough, and lets face it however much people bitch about Myspace if you want to attend gigs these days, it's by far the best source.

I now have a million shows to attend over the Summer which is fucking righteous.
first up being this beauty

Plus today I spent £40 on 5 vinyls & 2 t-shirts. I love disposable incomes that are meant for food and Course materials

Now i'm off to get a fucking smoothie and continue reading Nietzsche - The Birth Of Tragedy.

in the mean time here's a video of Last Witness recording their new album 'GIVE UP'
which will be winging its way towards me some time soon.
Soundtrack to the video is also sick.

Untitled from GIVE UP on Vimeo.