Friday, 23 April 2010


Hopeless are a melodic hardcore band from Melbourne Australia.
They literally look like More Than Life & Dead Swans had children appearance wise
but then if you're into melodic hardcore or negi-hc in general (and i am in no way excluding myself from this haha) you tend to rock the same look; vans eras, american apparel hoodies, some deathwish inc type band, fringe.
We all look the same and it's wonderful.

Hopeless play exactly what you'd expect them to play
but it's very, very good.
They have intensity & melody meeting with morissey-on-a-bad-day type lyrics

here's the stuff from their new song 'warehouse'
One last signal into the darkness tonight.
Getting fucked in the warehouse out of sight.
When you wake in the morning I won’t know you..
No more help, No more rope to hold onto.

I know it started when it ended
and choosing false hopes only hurts when
You’ll never know the heartache
of being able to breath
without you staring at me
and wasted trying to please.
Another headache from all the mistakes
if all my regrets could be retraced
I know I’d still end up in the same fucking place.

To forget to follow with all that you know
The deepest darkness or something like it.
fill the damaged parts of your broken soul and mind.
You know its no excuse, because we’re all afraid to die
I know it’s taking its toll, I know its holding its own.

Without worry, without sound.
Another vice, another ghost in the ground.
You scream on the inside.
I scream, I wish I were blind.

Like you I’d die to forget.
I’m a broken boy when it comes to regret.
The violent weather, light as a feather.
The time I have spent just to forget for you.
I’m trying hard to forget you.
In the night I face
The mistakes you make
But I know I’ll forget you.

ffo; More Than Life, Dead Swans, Life Long Tragedy (Runaways era), all that kind of stuff

I'm an Art student
i thrive on any kind of emotion
i'm not going to lie
i love these haha.

I have like 10 years before listening to this stuff becomes weird
i'm going to embrace it whilst i can