Saturday, 20 February 2010

A shift in perspective.

I have found over the past few weeks (well since coming back from Christmas more like) there has been a major shift in my Priorities.
I'm really not bothered about going out and partying anymore, all that really matters to me right now is working & the gym.
I've come back around and remembered my love of finding out the history of Religious belief which took over my life about 2 years ago, and now i would say i'm more heavily engrossed in it than ever and in my usual obsessive manner i've completely immersed myself in all it's morbid glory.
Coupled with that i'm reading a lot on why there is a need for burial and how we invented 'Death' (because the concept doesn't exist in the animal kingdom, although Chimpanzees will hold a vigil for a deceased one for a period of time before just leaving the corpse) which ties in well with the above mentioned subject. I'm really enjoying trying to pull down the stars & dig up my grave at the same time.
It may be because i'm edge that i'm not bothered about going out to clubs and stuff at the moment but i'm not sure, i haven't thought much about it. I can take or leave it as I don't drink I suppose.

Aside from that my other priority is the Gym
I've finally managed to put on weight with my deliberate over-eating and it is now time to put this to good use and get a hell of a lot stronger as my strength improved a lot with my week out.
It's an obsessive thing weight training, it is another side to me, training timetables are now as much of a concern to me as when i'm going to eat in the day.

But ironically I have found that around my friends I have completely regressed back to being a child, away from them i'm this Guy who wants to imbibe knowledge from all areas and around them i'm some 5 year old who writes "I'M A DINOSAUR" on other peoples pieces of artwork haha :)
i dunno, it's wonderful. I have a new found interest in Comic Books as I never went through that stage as a Child so it's all very new and exciting to me, plus a revived love for bright colours.

in light of that last statement
here's some Skittles :D