Friday, 5 February 2010

A picture a day for 2010.


Today I feel old. I don't feel like a Teenager anymore, I feel like a man now
which i'm enjoying, I'm not bothered about Partying I just want to get my head down and learn as much as I can about life/myself/everything.

I haven't listened to Metal or Hardcore in about a week
not because i've gone off it at all, infact not listening to it really just re-affirms my love for it, but rather because I like the fact i'm at peace with myself when I listen to Folk & Ambient Music
Hardcore & Metal hold a lot of connotations about my angry pubescent years and for now i'm really just liking being peaceful and not being angry at anything :).
I'm very sure that i'll come back around to Hardcore in about a Month, as my interest in Genres spans generally a month before cycling on to something else, then coming back around later on.

The King Blues played at my University last night, that was fucking sweet
made me miss going to Hardcore shows a hell of a lot, but I have Lamb Of God / Arsonists Get All The Girls to look forward to soon :D.

More pictures soon.
Tomorrow infact.