Sunday, 10 January 2010

R.I.P Danny Farmeary.

Yesterday I found out that Danny Farmeary passed away.
I didn't know Danny well but I always saw him around and he was good friends with many of mine. My most resounding memory is of him coming out to the York Junction gigs in 2006/2007 and moshing like a nutcase in his New-era cap and tracksuit bottoms, me & Alex used to await patiently the time when Danny would bring out his moves then just watch. Never in a malicious way, it was just the fact he was so tall & skinny so his limbs looked crazy haha :).
I really wish i'd gotten to know him better, he was a person I always knew I should speak to but never did.
The last time I saw Danny was at TDON about 3 weeks ago.

My thoughts are with your family & close friends
this is an extremely tragic loss.

I really hope you're at peace now :)
Sleep well! X X X