Friday, 25 December 2009

Teenage outpourings

I was looking through the many Documents that litter my Desktop and I found one containing loads of the 'poetry' I'd writtin in 2006, interesting really.
Enjoy, tell me what you think
I'm actually quite impressed with some of them although they all reek very much of Wes Eisold.

boys and girls, youre lost to the world
you can scream and shout but there aint no words
to describe how so far this life has let you down,
so we're sitting on long train journeys to distant towns
just hoping to see something we've never seen
trying to feel alive
cos youve never understood such a thing.

lonely days and wasted nights
lifes two way streets lead the dead end fights
misfits misfits, you'll never make it through..

..the days chances are
but the feelings arent new.

A gutter-street kid from a backwater town
all loved up or yesterdays
with a thorn in the crown
pulling smiles through broken teeth
reeling back from shots from shots of disbelief

just say that again?
what's going on?

there's poison in my veins
so i put my heart in the song
cos lately ive been feeling all 'left for dead'
graveyard beds for headached heads.

And heaven aint feeling too holy today
So There's nothing you could do to change my sick-6-6 faith
anyway, the church was locked from the start
so it looks like im too late!.

Just say it to yourself kid you'll make it through
you always do
learning about falsities
ain't nothing ever true?

one day we'll stay the same
defy everyone and carve in our names
too young to die
and my reason cant disprove that however hard i've tried

belief aint fact and this books just fiction !?
what does 'jesus' know about life anyway he's never done anything wrong!

so if you dont believe in holy rollers then sing it out loud
you can keep your johns + lukes and the rest of the holy crowd

cos im going home back to my bed
and im not gonna think about you
or life after death.


Woe betide the lovers & their loved, for you'll never know a pain as great as this.
You'll never know the heights you soar
You'll never know the depths you plummet
When someone owns your soul.

Becuase what's love if not an utter dependance on the thing you hate most.
And you hate it, you do.
Becuase no-one else has you like they do.

And If you had to name the noose that gripped your neck it'd be theirs.

Woe betide the lovers & their loved.

when there's too many words what can you say.
my memories have turned on me
changing sides & swapping lanes,
vultures circling my thoughts whilst picking out my brain

right now i'd sink
i'm not a good swimmer

it's funny how dark your days can seem
when the light at the end of the tunnel is a beauty queen
passing days like no--one cares
whilst the my general public heart just stops and stares.
i fall in love with every girl i see

we're not what we used to be
the record stopped a long time ago
but i'm forcing it to play

every night, in my head
over & over till my thoughts are dead

you've really done it this time

I wish I could still write like this, but i've become far too rational and my passion for Heartbreak just isn't the same.

I would esteem it an honour if you gave me feedback
honestly, I really want to know what people think of these :)
please haha.



Artist. said...

Honestly some great material, envy isn't my first choice but it was the first to arrive..


KatieBraund said...

I like 5 the best x

zara said...

my favourite is number 4 and 5. i have found that pain brings creativity... so what to do.... be in pain and write or be happy and not write? one could write about happy things.... but whats the point in that!

zara x