Sunday, 13 December 2009

Deathcore - Bermuda

With 'This is Exile' Whitechapel managed to do something incredible, they single-handedly conquered all the possible outcomes of a Genre with one release. Deathcore is still trying desperately to catch up with what that release laid down; the frighteningly gutteral growls, the venue crushing breakdowns, the addition of a 3rd guitarist but most of all, the haunting offbeat melodies that made the songs just that little bit more brilliant.
Whereas 'Upon Thy Icy Waves' by Eternal Lord laid the foundations for every song written about the Sea thereafter in the UK in 2006, 'Possession' did the same for the whole genre upon it's heart-stoppingly heavy introduction to the world.

This, however, does not mean the Genre cannot still provide something meaningful. To demonstrate this perfectly we have Bermuda from Sydney Australia.
They have the energy and passion in their songs to make this old tired scene Horse think the genre might still be worth clinging on to.
'Like Sleeve of a Wizard' (which is one of the two new songs up on their myspace) starts out with a mid-tempo Breakdown which is more than enough to get you in the mood for that ol' arm swinging, gurned face pit love and from there blends seemlessly into the short verse before releasing another (but not out of place) Breakdown on our pleading Ears, this one more chordy and choppy but still catchy as fuck.
We then revert back to another erratic verse before launching into a Hardcore fuelled 2-step riff that to me represents 100% the good side of Deathcore and what can come of it when it is done properly.
More presents are in store as the song takes us towards the end, with an eerie chord section before the vocal break "YOU THINK THAT THIS IS HEAVEN, THIS IS HELL"
now admittedly, that part is way over produced to make up for the fact that the vocals aren't actually that good on that part (they really do make it sound like Whitechapel, which is a shame).
This then leads not only into a final breakdown but our senses are given a tasty treat by way of a lovely solo to top the whole thing off.

If you've liked the sound of this review please go listen to the other songs, they are sure to please both Hardcore Kids & Metal Kids alike with the seamless blend of the two genres, you can imagine the band all New-Era'd up pogo-ing around on stage like a regular HC band but also moshing the fuck out and doing that weird squatting thing that bands have taken up during Breakdowns (seriously, what is that!?)
Their earlier releases even have somewhat of a Misery Signals vibe to them with sweet melodic picking over verses etc,
Link at the top of the page.

Yes Whitechapel you cunts, we realise you've become Suicide Silence like in the amount of Merch love you get these days with the new bloods. But I think it's time you took a backseat and let the new kids come up now, they deserve it.



Anonymous said...

i agree entirely.

however, the squatting thing...that helps make deep growls even deeper by putting more pressure on the diaphragm.

theres my two cents.