Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I know why the caged Lion sleeps

"People that are born happy just make it through the day without an effort. I have to work for my existence every day and I'm forced to find reasons to appreciate it every day. No amount of things will fix it. No amount of decorating is going to fix it. This is what people around me never seem to understand. There isn't some magic thing or some magic accomplishment that is going to make me "better". This is how I am. I am a sour hateful motherfucker. I have no good reason to be this way. I just am this way. And some days when I wake up feeling happy I consider it a blessing. That's fine with me. "


Tonight I watched 3 hours of WWF Wrestling from 1995 with some good friends, I loved it.
Weirdly, it's much more exciting now than it was when I was a kid who never understood it