Monday, 16 November 2009

Daniel Kitson

Went to go see my favourite comedian yesterday, he was absolutely phenomenal.
At times I thought his performance lulled but he brought it back constantly every time with whimsy tales of homeward bound melancholy which combined philosophy & an urgent pure longing.
He makes me realise (and i certainly have over the past months) that everyone is the same, our fundamental combining value is that we have all been chucked in at the deep end unwittingly and unknowing. We all have to make do with the things we have,
"we're all here together"
He had the look of an aging indie kid who was slowly becoming his fathers personality, he's in that perfect stage between fatherly certainty and boyish curiousity where his knowledge is secure but he still has that glint in his eyes and the bouncy knees of a young child let free on the world.
"i'm not sure about you but my erection isn't robust enough to handle an onslaught of existentialism" was probably one of the best jokes ive ever heard from him.

Mannn Another Breath AND Daniel Kitson in one day?
life you do spoil me sometimes.
A whole world of existent possibilities opened up to me by the safe warmth of a cultural sanctuary
Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre F T W.

it has re-peaked my interest in the arcane and the wonderful after they were disappointingly rationalised down to nothing by Plato and Phenomenology.
I'm going back to appreciating the beauty in life god damnit!

Daniels attitude to life is very much the same as mine, feeling that every moment is just a space to filled before we die, constantly trying to experience more things to shove into the abyss to stop it's waters from rising up to inevitably drown us.
Life becomes irreducable in its vastness and I, the perverbial messiah am left with but a plastic spade on a beach digging and filling two adjacent holes just trying to make good on the bet my mother placed in her womb. That someday the price of conception would pay off and the child would be something meaningful.

My everyday is your everyday aswell.

good night sweet life, until tomorrow.
May this never go away, let the smiles never fade.