Monday, 30 November 2009

After Heidegger: My Thoughts on Death

(firstly, that's fucking brilliant)

now, I've been reading a lot of Heidegger recently, not out of any Course based need to but just rather a want to know what he thinks as all my lecturers seem to mention the fuck out of him at any given opportunity.

He is fascinating, very very very veryeveyrveyrvrvryryryrvrcehvrjyfl hard to get into and understand but once you begin to understand what he is saying LITERALLY you begin to unearth the deeper meanings behind his work, he has some very interesting on Death.

He is my take on them with my own work jumbled in;

Death is a being in which the possibilities of our existence come to an end.
When the comparison of possibilities to the self reaches an absolute and dissolves into the finite. When no more Avenues can be wrought, when no more webs can be spun, when Death has decided that life is no longer for us (because we very rarely choose Death).

Because Death is a Being, embracing it is the most you can do to stop yourself from being taken by it. By either rising above or removing the foundations of it (through the reduction of the Ontological meaning) then we in sense 'defeat' it. Well, only a small part of it, but still nonetheless it is defeated.

One argument then comes that why should we want to escape the world in which we have been so lovingly placed? which has embedded in its very nature all the sensual beauties we could desire held aloft in front of our very wondering eyes in every single minute or every single hour of every single ticking day.
Why be nervous when there really is no time in this life to be nervous, there is no time for such a trivial thing when Death is not infact watching us from afar completely oblivious to our motives, but rather counting down the ticks of our heart from inside our chest as they reverberate oh so cacophonously in our trembling ears.