Friday, 14 August 2009


From time to time I'll suddenly switch from reality and get a sudden sense of falling, they never happen whilst i'm falling asleep, only ever in the Day

All of a sudden i'm overtaken by a sudden Nauseous feeling and it feels like the world has crashed down on top of me.
I guess Sartre was right, it does exist after all.

These are the split seconds when I realise that I really don't know what i'm doing in life despite the every day confident facades I have and that all the years really have left me well and truly messed up.
As I said I get the feeling of suddenly being crushed by everything I've had.
It's like someone has opened a curtain, light is beaming through and it's blinding me.
They last for not even a second or so, but they're absolutely terrifying.



Josh Turner said...

why's obama crying in the corner?