Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Heaven's Unholy

I don't sleep 'til about 4am these days
so i write songs.
This is a work in progress for my solo stuff
it's about my ever fading relationship with my father.
Hello Songs To Scream At The Sun part 2.

Heavens Unholy

there once was boy that you all you know
his Dad carried him on his back whilst they played in the snow
but just like those leaves that they did soon collect
distance has broken them and they've fallen into neglect
today he's stuck burying his hero's and sleeping in shallow graves
because he can't even remember if there ever were any golden days
it's never been the same since that fateful evening
so he falls to his knees and sings

oh, father
oh, father i've sinned can't you tell
oh, holy mother
oh, holy mother, i've lost him and now i have more faith in hell.

please just nail me up because i'm not coming home
ive got someone elses blood on my hands and a shaking in my bones.
because my father sent me forth without a description
now this messiah is committing sins like he's got an addiction
if i ever get back to heaven it'll be with holes in my soul
stutter-stepping drunk because i'm so afraid of growing old
and very lost with the weight of the mortal world
i was never meant for this awful world.

And heaven ain't feeling too holy today
there's nothing you could do to change my sick-6-6 faith
under the gaze of midday tv i'm watching you grow old
feeling the frustration filled rot slowly take its toll
now my God who 'art in front of channel 7
I feel i'll never really know
so when i get to 6ft down i'll just keep digging until i find my home

more soon

also a joint review with my good friend Diamondsyndrome is coming on the recent fantastic Have Heart gig in Leeds :)
stay tunedz



Diamond Syndrome said...

thats so sick, very pat flynn-esque x