Monday, 1 June 2009

I was sitting in my garden, it was a fucking gorgeous evening:

every perfect moment needs music and tonight it is played out by a blackbird in the tree opposite, it's like she's singing poetry to calm the surroundings whilst below the busy, busy world rushes past trying to do everything at once and forgetting that sometimes it's brilliant to just exist.
here i can push all my pasts out of my fevered head
here i can let nature wash over me and sweep me away
here i can let go and get caught up in everything besides myself, the greenery, the peace, the birdsong.
and realise that i am so perfectly insignificant compared to everything that is going on around me,
even the cruelest dictators can be humbled by the view from their cold mountain tops.
The material world seems so far away from me even though it is but a few metres in front. the mechanical beasts and their maniacal owners can drive and gnash their teeth to the stress of the world as much as they want but here i will sit. i will not wait, i will just enjoy, living through my outsides instead of fighting to get outside of myself.

the tree stands so strong in solace, it stands there tall and lonesome. it does not want, it does not waver, it simply stands.
i want to be the strong oak, i do not want to want, i do not want to be cut up by the knives of my ever-shaking veins.
i wish to walk through life with a serene understanding on my face and a pureness in my soul.

and suddenly i feel a connection with everything that has ever happened. we can all see the moon, every single one of us, we have always been able to see the moon & it us. it has witnessed the birth and death, the trouble and the turmoil of each and every one of us and it will continue to do so.
i'd like to visit one day, to look down upon the graceful earth and to know that this is where it all happens
i am jealous of the moon
it holds no barriers
all it does is watch in calm reflection on the troubles and turmoils we climb over the mounting dead to reach.
it sits proud and waits for us all to realise.
i want to be the moon,
i don't want to be an ant anymore.



Stono Caves said...

Your writing is seriously awesome.