Thursday, 23 April 2009


one of my favourite Hardcore bands ANOTHER BREATH have posted a new song on their myspace, it's been a long time coming if you've been reading Ted's (the lead singer) blog
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The link to their myspace is in the title

here's the (brilliant) lyrics

There's poison in the water but I'm thirsty just the same.
I've got this way of turning water into wine. Know the truth and I'm telling lies.
I know the truth but I keep it inside. Forked my tongue and I'm telling lies.
There's truth in the lies I tell
There's silence and it's all around
There's sound in the city where it's all drowned out
If I only had a match I'd burn it to the ground
There's a war and it's always inside me
Overshadowed by docile blue eyes
It never matters 'cause the sheep are all blind
And if the Devil had a face it would look like mine

so excited for the new release.

+ new layout is so that i can put in full sized images without having a side of them cut off due to them running over into the sidebar.