Sunday, 12 April 2009

Latterman + Update

On Easter Holidays, been mega-busy trying to get work together for my interview on the 22nd
so again sorry for the lack of meaningful updates, I'll do a decent one tomorrow as I found some sick stuff recently ;] sick as in good haha.

here to entertain your mean-time is Latterman, a band I found today.

Got the album this came from, really good positive punk with a decent message. Get it
"No Matter Where We Go"

"we'll rest our heads on strong shoulders again. to form new mindsets to bring us through. give up. regain. move again so we'll still sustain and build until the end. with our hearts synced to tempos we set for each other we all still strive and fail. build and fall. but these are connections the miles can never break. we all struggle to find our place and we all will remain. year after year. as we take what we have gained to our new place. so set back our setbacks for one more fucking day. pick up the pieces and remember that we'll always struggle. and hold on to the moments that hold meaning. so no matter where we go all these city's ghosts will follow us on and on"

not your usual complain-about-politics punk, Anti-Flag annoy me.

In other news saw the all-mighty Poison The Well last night, fantastic show
only niggle is that they didn't play enough from their fantastic 'Versions' album
only two fucking songs! psssssh! :/ but nevermind, they played Purple Sabbath from their recent E.P so for a while I could pretend I was seeing Neurosis haha :p.
go see them.

More later, promise.