Saturday, 7 March 2009

Desperate pangs of a bloodthirsty youth.

I once met an old man who said this to me

“dear youth, life is learned through the lessons of the feet
so go find your peace in the desperate streets
run blind & loveless down dead ends
conspire to move mountains under dim limelight with friends
shoot for the stars to land laughing in the gutters
breath deep pollution into young lungs
dance drunk and step-stutter
your 5 a day needs can be found in bottles of cider
familiarity breeds contempt so always climb higher
we are the lovers and losers of the highest order
so live fast or don’t live at all
never stop.”

Last night was fun,
me and Ally sat and watched Black Books whilst I drink 2 litres of 7.5% scrumby cider
and he indulged in some £4 wine. Go on youtube and watch some Black Books, funniest sitcom ever made and it features my two favourite comedians; Bill Bailey and Dylan Moran. 2 litres of crappy cider turns out to be quite hard to drink haha but after that we went out, I don't really remember much of the night aside from going "GOT YOUR NOSE" to a friends girlfriend for some peculiar reason. But I did have my first experience of cocaine, yes I know but who cares I'm young and it was shit anyway It made my mouth numb and that was it. Another one ticked off the list which turns out to be a waste of time! haha awesome. I don't see the fascination of "gumming it" because it rots your gums in the end and last time I woke up with phet in my mouth I removed it and my mouth bled lol :/
and also I like my teeth :P.
I don't drink because I want to be drunk, I drink because I like the adventures I have whilst drinking haha.

Life is good