Monday, 2 February 2009


I've been toying with some thoughts for a while, and I think they've finally come to fruition and i've got them sorted enough (for now) so that I can write some of them down.
A number of different influences played their part but most strongly the writings of Hesse (Steppenwolf, that book really did change my view on things), Sartre's existentialism (even though Nausea turned out to be tedious and shit), Nietzsche (who although mental, had some good ideas) & the idea of a higher good that we should strive to find

- we are all DUTY BOUND to be the best we can be in life, we were put on this earth for a reason, no-one knows what that reason was but I feel strongly that we are SUPPOSED to in life achieve our potential. Any person can do anything they want, there are no limits on life so we should push ourselves to be what are supposed to be. There are no ingrained fates of which you are supposed to follow, you can do anything just make sure you make yourself brilliant at it.
It's quite a simple idea and will need more exploration but that's the basic jist.
BUT on the other hand, if you can look in the mirror and honestly say you are happy with yourself and your abilities then that is fair enough, but if you are saying you are happy out of laziness and ignorance of the facts then you are failing in your ability to exist.
It's not enough to just exist, you have to live.
You should constantly strive to make yourself a better person, knowledge is a wonderful thing.

- You should learn from the world around but not base your world around perception. You shouldn't concern ALL of yourself with the persuit of a hedonistic lifestyle. Going out and getting hammered is fine, buying crap from a high-street store is fine but if these become your life then It's not a life I think has achieved something. The mind are different things that work together in unison but struggle so much to understand each other, the mind can't comprehend why the body is concerned with banal pleasures of the flesh and the body can't understand the minds objection to it.

- The soul is part of something higher. I don't mean God before anyone starts I just believe it's made of something higher, you feel it in your bones when you start to think about things, that the mind & soul long to uncover the answers to the universe. The body acts as a clumsy puppet for the ideas of the soul, this is shown in the fact that there are sometimes when you can't find the words to describe emotions. You should try to LIVE THROUGH YOUR SOUL, to know that every action you do is one you are 100% on, even those ideas are spontaneous and strange or turn out to be wrong.
The ideas that come from the soul are the purest ones.

- There is no such thing as the straight road of fate.
There are many paths that come off from the road we walk in life and if we happen to diverge off onto another path then so be it it was meant to happen, but if we chose to stay on the path we are then that is fine aswell. There will always be more to cut off too.

More refinement & more ideas later, hopefully.
continual self-improvement until death & not concerning yourself with materialism too much.

what do you think?


Arr-Onions said...

The soul doesn't exist.

Lots of love, Jebus.