Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day

I hope you understand, You fixed my broken plan

Happy Valentines Day.
I should be spending it with the girl I love, but due to circumstances out of my control I can't.

So please if you will, raise your glasses to young love.
"Here's to new beginnings you fucks"


spent the day in this weird mood, may be part-comedown / part-haven't slept / part-hangover.
Went to Leeds by myself to see some old school friends, had a wonderful time :]
Ended up in some godforsaken nightclub until like 5 in the morning.
Thing was there wasn't enough room to dance, it was so crowded you just tended to stand in one spot and gyrate for a couple of hours haha.
I love nightclubs out of pure hatred lol, you could play theme songs to childrens tv shows and people would dance aslong as it had a bass line.
All you need to do is fade out the song, then bring it back in and people just tend to go mental like this new song is something they have been waiting for their whole lives lol. It's brilliantly dumb.

Had my first experience of MDMA last night aswell, it tastes like marmite and all it did for me was exactly the same as Amphetamines did i.e make me lose track of time. I didn't feel any happier, or sadder I just lost track of time haha. I looked at my phone before I went to sleep and it was something like 7am, people were walking around my corpse getting ready for university lectures haha.
Suppose I didn't take enough, meh.
yes kids I am a passive drug user but only out of wanting to experience it, I'm bored of only half-living at the moment and fuck yourself up whilst you're young I say.
remember that ;] :P.

Lastly I would like to introduce you to a new friend of mine
this is High On Fire with their song 'Turk' and it is FUCKING AWESOME.

"I cannot grasp this black psychology
My cage's walls are closing in on me
The rage that surfaces is not my soul
It's like a devil taking control
The violence lives in me ad will not leave
Live a magician with pain up his sleeve

The sight of God is to unfold
Memories untold
For every poem's a rhyme
The joke is father time

our delves in twisted sexuality
Substance abuse and immortality
A stark obsession no one else would know
Questions unanswered, how far can this go
The wall of torment, my blood's boiling
Break this shell to do what's so obscene"

I would HIGHLY recommend 'Death Is This Communion' from which that song came from
I got it 2 days ago and It's all i've listened to



oh, devil. said...

Interestingly enough, my first MDMA experience was strong. Touch was a sensation I couldn't get enough of. Hahah.
Hmm, different for all, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

11:11! Hope you made a wish :)